The Harlem Renaissance

An informative paper about the Harlem Renaissance.

This work is an informative paper about the Harlem Renaissance - its rise, decline and its fall. It also provides a view into the lives and works of its major proponents. The life of genius trumpeter and crooner Louis Armstrong is discussed in detail and the lives of other intellectuals and artists are touched upon as well.

This was the period that saw the rise of the creativity of African Americans, which had hitherto not been seen in mainstream America of that time. This is not intended to be a commentary on racism or racist tendencies in this country. Neither is it about identifying stereotypes-positive or negative. But it bears acknowledgement that African Americans have been portrayed as a despondent race bearing all the negatives that come from a cultural, financial and societal malaise. There are two ways out of despondency. Some leaders avow entitlement, for example, the demand for reparations for centuries of slavery. Others take a more conservative approach. The venerable comedian Bill Cosby recently raised eyebrows. He made two essay writing service uk best speeches, a little more than a month apart, where he castigated members of his own race for not availing uk best essay writing service themselves of the opportunities offered by this country.